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Welcome to ToffeeWorld @ Toffee Heaven Ltd

ToffeeWorld Traditional Sweet Shop | American Sweets | Retro Sweets - One of the U.K's Largest Range of retail Traditional Sweets combined with American Sweets, Candy and Drinks plus all your old Fashioned Sweets, Candies, Chocolates, Toffees, Liquorice, Boiled Sweets, Sour Sweets, Novelty Sweets, Fudge, Hostess Cakes, Cookies, American Cereals, Pop-Tarts, Potato Chips, Snacks, American Sodas, Fizzy Drinks - Large range of Diabetic Sugar-Free Sweets, Vegetarian Sweets, Gluten Free Sweets and so much more! -
ToffeeWorld - A World Full of Sweets 'n' Treats! 
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