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Bristows CHEWY Toffee Bon Bons Sweets
Bristows CHEWY Toffee Bon Bons Sweets 113g
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Bristows CHEWY Toffee Bon Bons Sweets Summary

Bristows CHEWY Toffee Bon Bons Sweets


113g a quarter of a pound Weigh out bag of Bristows Chewy Toffee Bon Bons
Delicious Family Favourites.

These sweets are almost round shape med-hard texture (all though with most bon bons they do re-act to the the time of year and during the very warm season they more med to chewy texture where as come winter time more med to hard chewy texture - and taste just the same all year round! which is a very creamy tasty toffee bon bon with a very fine dusty white sweet iced sugar - similar to a toffee bon bon but these do have that creamy toffee taste about them and very tasty bon bons they are! The colours do vary per batch from a off white to more cream colour.
Full range of Bristows Bon Bons in Store! 
Product Info
Product/Sweets shape/size/colour/style/packaging/wrappers/flavours/texture/taste may vary per batch - image/s shown will vary from ones shown depending on your viewing device/equipment and settings/ viewing programmes used etc- images colours can vary in shade/bright to dark/dull as images can be overexposed underexposed when taken and or displayed on different devices/equipment.
Product Spec;
These sweets are approx 1.7cm's long by 1.7cm's wide by 1cm's deep and weigh approx 3.5g-5.5g per sweet with a average of 4g giving you approx 45-55 sweets per 200g weigh out bag. - sizes/weights may vary per batch and per sweets, (approx size/weight guide only).

Ingredients in Chewy Toffee Bon Bons Sweets
- correct at time of listing August 2011 and subject to change without notice.
Sugar,Glucose Syrup,Vegetable Oil, Whey Powder*, Clotted Cream(1.7%)*, Skimmed Milk Powder*, Cornflower, Butter Oil, Salt, Emulsifier:E471 Flavouring, Emulsifier-Soya Lecithin.
*= from Cows Milk Contains Soya.Gelatine

These Sweets are  NOT suitable for Vegetarians.
Allergey notice Warning;
Contains Soya, Cows Milk
Store in a cool dry place.
BB4 Dates usually very long 6-12 months if not longer -
 high turnaround on most weigh outs.

Here We are selling these sweets just like you bought traditional sweets in the good ole days! straight from a proper traditional old fashion retro sweet and candy store - down comes the sweetie jar from our packed shelves of hundreds of full sweet jars then hand weighed on approved trade scales from a quarter of a pound in weight to which ever upgrade you decide to choose from our upgrade drop box selection shown on this page - Six ounce,Half a pound or even a full pound or two the choice really is yours!

Then we carefully pack your sweets in to a clear heat sealed poly plastic bag or a paper/film sweet bag and pack and ship to your door!

Please note this listing is for a weigh out bag from the sweet jar and the wholesale sweet jar is NOT included - see our wholesale section for details or to purchase a full jar of these sweets of contact us for info or/and a link.

Manufactured in the U.K By Bristows of Devon Est 1932.


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