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Dobsons Cola Cubes Hard Boiled Gluten Free Sweets
Dobsons Cola Cubes x 113g weigh out
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Dobsons Cola Cubes Hard Boiled Gluten Free Sweets Summary

Dobsons Cola Cubes Hard Boiled Gluten Free Sweets

Dobsons Cola Cubes - Hard Boiled Cola Flavoured Sweets made in the U.K By Dobsons Sweets in Yorkshire, England.
Product Description;
Here we are selling a clear plastic poly shop sealed weigh out bag of:
Dobsons Cola Cubes Hard Boiled Flavoured Sweets.
Ingredients in Dobsons Cola Cubes Sweets: Correct at time of current listing stock/batch  (subject to slight change without notice.)
Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Citric Acid, Flavourings, Colours: E163
Contains Sulphites. May contain traces of milk.
Allergy Warnings/Advice
See Ingredients
Dietary Information Manufactures claims;
These sweets are suitable for Vegetarians and are Gluten Free and suitable for the Halal Diet
Nutritional Info/Approx Guide typical per 100g.
Per 100g Energy kJ / kcal Fat g of which saturates 0g Carbohydrate g of which sugars g of which Polyols g,
Fibre g Protein g Sodium g
Product Spec; (Approx Guide only All weights shown includes Any Sweet Wrappers where applicable.)
These sweets are approx 1.8cm by 1.8cm wide by 1.8cm deep and weigh approx 6.5g -8g per sweet with a average of 8g giving you
approx 12-14 sweets per 113g (Quarter of a Pound) weigh out bag and approx 23-25 sweets per 200g bag.
Storage / BB4 info/Details;
Keep in a dry and cool place away from sunlight and any extremes of temperatures.
BB4 dates are usually 3-9 months on this product.
Manufactured by Joseph Dobson and Son
Packing/supplied/Delivery Details;
Select weight required as these sweets are Sold from our sweet shop jar hand weighed on approved scales to the weight of your selected choice-
then into a clear poly sealed food/sweet bag.
PLEASE NOTE - These sweets are Not supplied in any original packaging such as wholesale sweet Jar/Box/Tub/Container Or Gift Wrapping etc.
Product Advice Notes
May contain some broken parts/pieces/miss-shaped sweets.
Product/Sweets shape/size/colour/style/packaging/wrappers/flavours/texture/taste may vary per batch-
image/s shown will vary from ones shown depending on your viewing device/equipment and settings/ viewing programmes used etc.
Disclaimer/Terms/Delivery Info
See our Terms and Delivery details page. E&OA
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