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Flying Saucers Sherbet Filled Edible Rice Paper
flying saucers x 113g
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Flying Saucers Sherbet Filled Edible Rice Paper Summary

Flying Saucers Sherbet Filled Edible Rice Paper

Flying Saucers AKA Sherbet Spaceships - 113g  (quarter of a pound) Weigh out Bag 
A Real Retro Classic Sweet - The sherbet filled edible rice paper wafer in random mix of assorted colours, a real family favourite we all eat as kids, the ones on the two penny sweet tray from your local sweet/ candy store/ shop we visited as kids, well the kids still love these classic sherbet filled edible Rice paper flying saucers and there great for children's birthday part gift bags.
These sweets come in a random mix of assorted and / or two toned colours which sometimes includes pastille / shades of colours - may include yellow, blue, white, orange, green, pink. do vary per batch.
each Flying Saucer Sweet contains white Kali Sherbet Powder.- HE Just like good Ole days!
These sweets are only very light as a guide weigh approx 1.25g per sweet and their is approx 80-90 sweets per 113g weigh out bag.
We are selling these sweets just like you got them in the good old days, - from our very own candy store sweet shelves, from the sweet jar and hand weighed into a clear shop sealed poly food sweet storage bag - and you get a 113g bag that's about a good old quarter of a pound in weight for those of you than can still remember those good old days! 
BB4 Dates
All our sweets are sold within there BB4 Dates - in most cases as long as 4- 12 months.
Store in a cool dry place.
for larger amounts wholesale tubs please e-mail us for a price AND link to buy some.

sherbet filled wafers with a citric fruit flavour

Astra Sweets branded under Frisia
Ingredients in Frisia (Astra) Citric Wafers Flying Saucers correct at time of listing subject to change without notice;
Updated 05/11/2017

  • Sugar
  • Dextrose
  • Maize starch
  • Tartaric acid E334
  • Acid Regulator: sodium hydrogen carbonate
  • Flavourings
  • Colours:E100
  • E132
  • E162
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