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Jalapeño Pringles 71g American Chips
Jalapeño Pringles 71g
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Jalapeño Pringles 71g American Chips Summary

Jalapeño Pringles 71g American Chips

Pringles Jalapeno 71g American Chips
Pringles isn't just a snack. Its a way of life. Kick convention to the curb & embrace your playful spirit. The Jalapeno seasoning added to these tortilla chips gives them that hot, spicy flavour that you might need to cool with a dip...or not! The flavoursome crunch of these chips in the celebrated Pringles shape makes them a great snack for hanging around at a party. Once you pop - you can't stop!
Ingredients contain wheat and milk. Satisfy your snack craving with the robust crunch and spicy taste of tomato, jalapeno, red onion and traditional Mexican spices in Pringles Loud Salsa Fiesta corn crisps.

Pringles need no introduction. The delightfully crisp stackable snack has captured the hearts (and taste buds!) of people worldwide - there are very few countries that the Pringles craze hasn't touched! There are no wonder Pringles are so popular though, with their fun crunchy shape and a huge range of delicious flavours there is sure to be a chip to please every single snack lover! Once you pop, you can't stop!
Are you feeling the snack cravings building and your stomach rumbling? Pringles have got you covered. These mouth-watering Jalapeno flavour Pringles are sure to hit the spot! Perfect for snacking or parties.
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Fragile product! Due to movement inside the Pringles tube, we cannot protect the crisps during transit. These are shipped at your own risk and may arrive with the crisps broken.
Product packaging and design may change from time to time, however, this may not be reflected on our website. Please contact us before placing your order if you require a specific packaging design.
Due to atmospheric pressure changes between the manufacturing plant in the United States and throughout the shipping process to our warehouse in the United Kingdom, Pringles tubes may bend slightly inwards. Although it may appear as if the can has been dented, it has not. The Pringles inside the tube will not usually be damaged. It is normal for the tube to rattle, or for 1 or 2 chips from the top or bottom of the stack to be cracked. Although this does not affect every single tube, it does affect the majority. If you require a perfect tube for collection or gift purposes we recommend that you do not purchase this product. We will not refund or replace any bent or "dented" tubes.
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