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Lamy Lutti Mint Fondant Aka Mint Creams Iced Mints
Lamy Lutti Mint Fondants x 113g
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Lamy Lutti Mint Fondant Aka Mint Creams Iced Mints Summary

Lamy Lutti Mint Fondant Aka Mint Creams Iced Mints

Lutti Mint Creams x 113g weigh out bag -
Sweets come individually wrapped in traditional blue style wrappers with the Lamy  Lutti logo - weight includes wrappers.
These sweets are a real classic, always remember these as a child the ones mums / dads/ grans and aunty always seem to carry in there handbags ! and what a pleasant sweet treat they were and still are - a very minty iced out firm texture crystallised sugar shell with a soft mint fondant centre a lot like those famous Clarnico Mint Creams  and still as tasty today as they always were.

We are selling these sweets just like you got them in the good old days, - from our very own candy store sweet shelves, from the sweet jar on to our sweet shop trade approved scales and hand weighed into a clear plastic heat sealed poly bag and/or a sweet shop traditional paper bag - and you get a 113g bag that's about a good old fashion quarter of a pound in weight for those of you than can still remember those good old days ! 
Ingredients in Lutti Mint Fondants

soft mint fondant

  • sugar
  • glucose syrup
  • water
  • flavour


  • Contains: gluten,wheat and sulphites
  • May contain traces of soya and milk

Made in a factory which produces milk and nuts
Store in a cool dry place.
All our sweets are sold with very long bb4 dates , in most cases 3 - 6 months if not longer.

for larger amounts of these sweets see our store or send us a message and we will list some for you to buy .
we are here to help !
thank you for looking at our products.
Made by Lamy Lutti Sweets.
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