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M&M's Dark Mint Candies 42.5g Bag
M&Ms Dark Mint 42.5g x 1 - BB4 5/19
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M&M's Dark Mint Candies 42.5g Bag Summary

M&M's Dark Mint Candies 42.5g Bag

M&M's Dark Mint Candies 42.5g (1.5oz) Bag
Now you can enjoy the same delicious M&Ms but with a mint flavoured dark chocolate inside. They're sure to give you a rich and satisfying taste that melts in your mouth. M&M Dark Chocolate is also kosher, making it a sweet treat that everyone can enjoy.
Imported from the USA.
Ingredients in Mars M&M Dark Mint Candies.

Sugar, Chocolate, Skim Milk, Cocoa Butter, Lactose, Milkfat, Soy Lecithin, Salt, Natural And Artificial Flavors, Cornstarch, Corn Syrup, Dextrin, Includes Tartrazine (E102) * Lake, Brilliant Blue (E133) * (E133) * Lake, Tartrazine (E102) *, Brilliant Blue (E133) * (E133) *, Sunset Yellow (E110) *, Allura Red (E129) *, Allura Red (E129) * Lake, Indigo Carmine (E132) * Lake, Sunset Yellow (E110) * Lake, Indigo Carmine (E132) *, Gum Acacia, 
*May Have An Adverse Effect On Activity And Attention In Children.
We Cannot Guarantee The Accuracy Of These Ingredients. Always Check The Packaging Thoroughly Before Consuming.
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Did you know? - M&M's are named after the owners of Mars and the Hershey's, Forrest Mars and William Murrie. Together they made Mars & Murrie's or, as they are now known, M&M's.

M&M are both crunchy and sweet making them the ultimate chocolate snack. Each piece provides a unique chocolate experience that cannot be found with any other brand. These tasty treats are available in many different sizes and flavours and will always go down as a huge hit no matter what the occasion.

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