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Maxons Winter Herbal Cough Candy Sweets
Maxons winter candy x 113g
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Maxons Winter Herbal Cough Candy Sweets Summary

Maxons Winter Herbal Cough Candy Sweets

113g (quarter of a pound) weigh out bag of Maxons Winter Herbal Candy 
 These Maxons Winter Herbal Candy sweets are made in the traditional sweet making way - a almost square chunk/piece of herbal flavoured firm texture sugar candy  that will melt away in your mouth a lot like the Kendal mint cake texture but instead of mint flavour this is a tasty herbal cough flavour , great for when your feeling low on energy and run down with the flu or cold symptoms- this Maxons Winter Herbal Candy sweets contain NO artificial colours or flavours.

Here we are selling 113g of  Maxons original Maxons Winter Herbal Candy which is about an old quarter of a pound in weight of  these Maxons Winter Herbal Candy  traditional sweets.
Made in the traditional way by Maxons of Sheffield, England - a true family run British sweet manufacturer company which have been making popular sweets for decades including the famous Jesmona black bullets, Rushton's and the Dixon's range of traditional retro old fashion sweets.
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Ingredients in Maxons Maxons Winter Herbal Cough Candy sweets (correct at time of listing Sept 09)
SUGAR, potassium hydrogen tartrate,, FLAVOURINGS.
Remember those good old days when you could call in to your local corner sweet shop/tuck shop / candy store and buy just two ounces or a old fashion quarter of your favourite sweets ? well at Toffeeworld we believe you still should and we are selling these sweets straight from our very own Toffeeworld Sweet Shop.
We are selling these Maxons Winter Herbal Cough Candy  traditional sweets just like you bought them in the good old days - straight from our very own traditional Retro old fashion Toffeeworld @ Allsorts4u sweet shop in Colwyn Bay, Wales - Where our shelves are packed with over 1000 sweet jars and from the sweetie jar hand weighed on approved scales into a clear Polly heat sealed bag or paper and film sweet bag and packed and shipped out fast straight to your door. (All our sweets have long BB4 dates in most cases as long as 6-18 months) Plus Fast delivery of all orders ! 
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