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Salmiak Duite Coins Chewy Dutch Liquorice Sweets
Salmiak Duite (Chewy Dutch Liquorice)
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Salmiak Duite Coins Chewy Dutch Liquorice Sweets Summary

Salmiak Duite Coins Chewy Dutch Liquorice Sweets

113g a quarter of a pound Weigh out bag of  Dutch Soft chewy Eating Liquorice Sweets
These sweets are coin shaped very low sweet to med salty taste/flavour not recommended for those that prefer sweet liquorice / licorice.

This listing is for the Salmiak Duiten are of a slightly sweet and moderately - medium salty golden brown in colour.
 Dutch liquorice drops that look like old style Dutch coins. These are similar to 
Riksen by Klene  these sweets weigh approx 7g-9g per sweet giving you approx 12-16 sweets per 113g

Ingredients in SALMIAK DUITEN - Dutch Soft chewy Eating Licorice - correct at time of listing Jan 2014 and subject to change without notice.
Sugar, modified Wheat - potato starch, glucose syrup, gelatine, ammonium chloride, liquorice extract, flavourings, vegetable oil (palm), glazing agent : beeswax.

Store in a cool dry place below 18 Degrees.
BB4 Dates-All sweets sent within the product BB4 Dates usually very long 6-12 months if not longer 
High turnaround on most weigh outs.

Here We are selling these sweets just like you bought traditional sweets in the good ole days! straight from a proper traditional old fashion retro sweet and candy store - down comes the sweetie jar from our packed shelves of hundreds of full sweet jars then hand weighed on approved trade scales from a quarter of a pound in weight to which ever upgrade you decide to choose from our upgrade drop box selection shown on this page - Six ounce, Half a pound or even a full pound or two the choice really is yours!
Then we carefully pack your sweets in to a clear heat sealed poly plastic bag or a paper/film sweet bag and pack and ship to your door!

Please note this listing is for a weigh out bag from the sweet jar and the wholesale sweet jar is NOT included - see our wholesale section for details or to purchase a full jar of these sweets of contact us for info or/and a link.

Distributed / produced/ Manufactured by -  door Kraepelien & Holm /Limecon bv, Holland
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