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Simply Swizz Assorted Neapolitans Miniature Chocolates
Simply Swizz Assorted Neapolitans x 113g bag
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Simply Swizz Assorted Neapolitans Miniature Chocolates Summary

Simply Swizz Assorted Neapolitans Miniature Chocolates

Simply Swizz Assorted Neapolitans Miniature Chocolates - Select required weight/bag
Full Product Description; - Random mixture of 3 Different Assorted Miniature Sized Small/Mini Chocolate Bars
These are a random mixture of three different assorted miniature chocolates which come individually wrapped in a quality gloss paper folded wrappers - they include a random mixture of Milk chocolate with a touch of ground hazelnuts, Extra dark chocolate, Fine white chocolate with vanilla seeds/with hazelnuts. 
These Small Simply Swizz Assorted Neapolitans chocolates may be a great treat to be used for Weddings / Party events, Wedding Favours etc.
Please view our product listing below in full for any info you may product require.
Product/Sweets shape/size/colour/style/packaging/wrappers(when applicable)/flavours/texture and taste
may vary per batch - image/s shown will vary from ones shown depending on your viewing device/equipment and settings/ viewing programmes used etc.
Product Colour | Shapes
See Description above.
Product Spec; (Approx Guide only All weights shown includes Any Sweets Wrappers where applicable.)
These sweets are approx 3.5cm long 2.5cm wide by 0.6cm deep and weigh approx 5.8g - 6.2g per sweet with a average weight of approx 6g per sweet which will give you approx 17-19 sweets per an old fashion quarter of a pound (113g) or you get approx 31-33 per 200g weigh out bag.
Ingredients in Simply Swizz Assorted Neapolitans Miniature Chocolates as provided on the Manufactures wholesale Jar/Box/Sack.(correct at time of listing April 2016 but subject to slight change without notice.)
Ingredients: Sugar, Cocoa Butter, Cocoa mass, dried whole milk, cocoa powder, dried skimmed milk, dried high fat milk, emulsifier: Soya Lecithin, Flavours, Ground Hazelnuts 0.07%, Vanilla Seeds 0.04%
Cocoa Solids: 33% minimum in the Milk Chocolate
Milk Solids: 18% Minimum in the Milk Chocolate
Cocoa Solids; 72% Minimum in the Dark Chocolate
Dietary Information Manufactures claims;
Allergy Warnings/Advice.
May contain Peanuts, other tree nuts, Soya, Cow's Milk, Gluten, Eggs.
Not Suitable for customers with an Allergy to Wheat, Rye, Barley, Oak, Spelt or Kamut due to manufacturing methods.
Our Product Advice/Guide
Nutrition Info/Approx Guide typical per 100g.
Per 100g Energy 2420 kJ / 581 kcal , Fat 40g of which saturates 0.8g Carbohydrate 46g of which sugars -g Fibre -g Protein 7g Salt -g , Sodium -g
Storage / BB4 info/Details;
Keep in a dry and cool place away from strong odors and Direct sunlight avoid storing in any extremes of temperatures.
BB4 dates are usually 2-6 months but vary per batch/stock.
Packing Details/ Produced/from and Manufacturer
Distributed by Simply Swizz EMC, LE8 0EX, UK
Sold Details
These Sweets are sold as Weigh out sweets are packed in to clear poly Food/Sweet bags/Containers and sealed or/and Paper bags. PLEASE NOTE - These sweets are Not supplied in any original packaging such as wholesale sweet jar/box/tub/container etc.
Please see our full Terms & Delivery Page. E&OA
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