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TFF Red Charger Flavour Fudge | The Fudge Factory
TFF Red Charger Flavour Fudge x 113g Bag
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TFF Red Charger Flavour Fudge | The Fudge Factory Summary

TFF Red Charger Flavour Fudge | The Fudge Factory

TFF Red Charger Flavour Fudge - TFF Red Charger Energy flavoured Luxury Fudge slices | chunks of Fudge Made by The Fudge Factory, Lancashire and part of our Gourmet Fudge Range.
Here We are selling a Clear plastic Poly Shop Sealed Weigh Out Bag of;
TFF Red Charger Flavour Fudge handcrafted chunks.
This New edition Fudge is a medium soft smooth texture pieces which Comes to us in big cubed chunks which we slice to required weight, if you only order small weigh outs however if ordered as part of a larger order of sweets we may send it in the larger sized chunks and you can cut to your own required sizes.
Product Spec; (Approx Guide)
40g-50g average per big chunk.
Ingredients in TFF Red Charger Flavour Fudge
Sugar, Sweetened Condensed Milk, Fondant, Lecithin, Salt, Glucose, Hardened Palm Kernel Oil, Potassium Sorbate.

Contains Colours, flavourings and preservative.
Allergy Warnings | Advice.
Contains SOYA & DAIRY, May Contain NUTS.
Consumption may have an adverse effect on activity and attention in children.
Storage & BB4 info;
Keep in a dry and cool place away from Direct sunlight or Extremes of Temperatures.
BB4 dates are usually 2-6 months
The Fudge Factory in Lancashire the home of Gourmet Fudge & Nougats
Packing Details;
These sweets are Not supplied in any original packaging such as wholesale sweet Jar,
Box, Tub or Container and not in any fancy gift style packaging.
Sweets Packed-Supplied By:
All Sweets Sold Online from this Allsorts4u Retro Sweets Store are
packed and supplied from our Toffeeworld Traditional Sweets Shop
@Toffee Heaven Limited, Colwyn Bay, Conwy
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