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TFF Tutti Fruitti Flavour Nougat
TFF Tutti Fruitti Flavour Nougat 113g
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TFF Tutti Fruitti Flavour Nougat Summary

TFF Tutti Fruitti Flavour Nougat

The Fudge Factory Tutti Fruitti Flavour Nougat Chunks in big chunks/pieces
113g (quarter of a pound) weigh out bag or upgrade and
The Fudge Factory Tutti Fruitti Flavour Nougat Chunks Retro Sweets
Here we are selling a weigh out bag of Stockleys Tutti Fruitti Flavour Nougat Chunks. These are chunks of  medium - Firm textured white colourTutti Fruitti Flavour Nougat Chunks - most of which contain tiny pieces of fruit flavour bits inside the nougat pieces. This Nougat is made in mass blocks and cut up in to random sized square like large chunks/pieces which do vary in shape and size.
Each piece is approx 3.5cm's long by 3.0 cm's wide by   2.4cm's deep but do vary slightly in size, shape and can be misshapen 
shaped due to how they are made.
correct at time of listing 05/10/13) - (subject to change per batch without notice)
Icing Sugar, Corn Flour, Glucose , Hardened Palm Kernel Oil, Gelatine, Permitted Colours And Flavours.
Warnings/Advice info
May Contain Nuts.

We are selling these Sweets just like you bought them in the good old days - straight from our very own traditional old fashion sweet shop, - Where our shelves are packed with over 1000 sweet jars and from the sweetie jar hand weighed on approved scales to the weight of your choice - then into a paper and film sweet bag or a clear Poly/plastic heat sealed bag and packed and shipped out.
Store in a cool dry place.
BB4 Dates usually very long 2-8 months if not longer -
High turnaround on most weigh outs.
Here We are selling these sweets just like you bought traditional sweets in the good ole days! straight from a proper traditional old fashion retro sweet and candy store - down comes the sweetie jar from our packed shelves of hundreds of full sweet jars then hand weighed on approved trade scales from a Half a pound in weight to which ever upgrade you decide to choose from our upgrade drop box selection shown on this page -  Half a pound or even a full pound or two the choice really is yours!
Then we carefully pack your sweets in to a clear heat sealed poly plastic bag or a paper/film sweet bag and pack and ship to your door!
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