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Some people love them and some people hate them but you cant get away from fizzy and sour sweets. Do you love that sour feeling? When your mouth waters and you pull a sour face? You are definitely in the right section. With fizzy sweets and sour sweets including Mega Sours, fizzy cherries, rainbow bites, Warheads, Toxic Waste Sweets, Super Sours and Fizzy Cola bottles, you can be sure to find the sweets that are going to satisfy your fizzy sour sweets and even your very sour sweets craving!
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Maxilin Flyers Liquorice with Crystal Centres
8 x Maxilin Flyers Liquorice with Crystal Centres= sherbet filled black liquorice sticks / sweets. aka magic wands - these are a retro sweet shop classic counter line and here we are selling them just...
Weigh out of Swizzels Mini Love Hearts Rolls Wedding Sweets
113g (quarter of a pound) weigh out bag of Swizzels UPGRADE TO MORE OF THESE SWIZZELS MINI LOVE HEARTS ROLL/TUBES AT THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE WITH OUR DROP BOX UPGRADE OPTION. Matlow mini love heart rolls...