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Beechs Dark Chocolate Marzipan Misshapes
Beechs Dark Chocolate Marzipan x 113g
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Beechs Dark Chocolate Marzipan Misshapes Summary

Beechs Dark Chocolate Marzipan Misshapes

Beech's Dark Chocolate Marzipan - Unwrapped MISSHAPES - Weigh out Bag
Marzipan Coated in Dark Chocolate made by Beech's Fine Chocolates in Preston, England, U.K
Product Description;
BEECHS Finest Quality rich velvety Dark Plain Chocolate Covered Almond Marzipan unwrapped Misshapes - These are a quality Plain Dark Chocolate Coated Marzipan. - these are usually sold in pre-packed Gift Box's and are a premium price of around £2.99 per 90g - these Marzipan Chocolates are supplied to us direct from Beechs as the slight Misshapes/imperfections that don't make the very high quality control standards that Beechs Set for their premium range of Gift / pre-packed luxury retail boxes - Usually these chocolates are in a good standard just get some double jointed chocolates and the odd misshaped sized or some with a little chocolate missing or even a few clunky ones slightly damaged and most are scuffed as they are supplied to us in large bulk box's but if you are not a fussy Sweet eater then and enjoy a quality fine chocolate then these are a great buy at less than half the usual price.
These are usually a medium texture that don't always stay very hard for long they can become softer and more chewy texture especially during warmer temperature's.
May become clunky/sticky in warm conditions/summertime/extremes of Heat.
We strongly recommend buying these chocolates as part of a larger order so we can pack them in stronger packing materials to help avoid any damages in transit - as a guide total order value over £15.00 is by far the best way to order these or any similar type of sweets and chocolates.
About Beechs Fine Chocolates
Beechs Fine Chocolates has been making quality traditional Fine Chocolates in Preston Lancashire since 1920
They "only use the Finest ingredients and no artificial anything to make the most delicious traditional chocolates you can Buy in the U.K" They "love their chocolates and know you will too"
All Beechs Chocolates are suitable for Vegetarians and most Dark Chocolates are suitable for Vegans, plus they are all gluten Free.
Product Advice - 
(Guide only every one's tastes/opinions vary);
Best to order small amounts such as a 113g-227g weigh out to try before you commit to larger quantities as some will love them and some may dislike them as with all food/sweets/candy its each to their own with tastes and flavours.
Please view our product listing below in full for any info you may product require.
Product/Sweets shape/size/colour/style/packaging/wrappers/flavours/texture and taste
may vary per batch - image/s shown will vary from ones shown depending on your viewing device/equipment and settings/ viewing programmes used etc.
Product Colour | Shapes
Dark brown shade of colour / Round shaped.
Product Spec; (Approx Guide only All weights shown includes Any Sweets Wrappers where applicable.)
These sweets are approx long 2.5cm wide by 1.2cm deep and weigh approx 9.5g - 11.5g per sweet with a average weight of approx 10g per sweet which will give you approx 11-12 Chocolates/sweets per an old fashion quarter of a pound (113g) weigh out bag.
Dietary Information Manufactures claims;
These are shown by the manufactures as been Gluten Free Sweets which are Suitable for Vegetarians.
Ingredients in Beech's Dark Chocolate Coated Marzipan as provided on the Manufactures wholesale jar.(correct at time of listing March 2016 but subject to slight change without notice.)
Sugar, Almonds 32%,  Cocoa Mass, Cocoa Butter, Glucose Syrup, Emulsifier, Soya Lecithin
Dark Chocolate 35% contains Cocoa Solids 55% Minimum
Allergy Warnings/Advice.
Product contain MILK & SOYA-  May contain Traces of Milk.
Our Product Advice/Guide
Suitable for the Halal Diet. 
Nutrition info/guide
Non provided by Manufacture at time of batch/stock/listing date.
Storage / BB4 info/Details;
Keep in a dry and cool place away from Direct sunlight / strong odours and any extremes of temperature's.
BB4 dates are usually 3-6 months but vary per batch/stock.
Country Produced/from and Manufacturer
Produced in England, U.K By Beech's Fine Chocolates LTD, Fletcher Road, Preston, England, PR1 5AD
Packing Details;
Weigh out sweets are packed in to clear poly Food/Sweet bags/Containers and sealed or/and Paper bags. PLEASE NOTE - These sweets are Not supplied in any original packaging such as wholesale sweet jar/box/tub/container etc.
Disclaimer; E&OA
Please see our full Terms & Delivery Page.
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