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Vidal Pint of Beer Jelly Pint Pots Novelty Retro Sweets
Vidal Pint Pots x 113g weigh out
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Vidal Pint of Beer Jelly Pint Pots Novelty Retro Sweets Summary

Vidal Pint of Beer Jelly Pint Pots Novelty Retro Sweets

Vidal Pint of Beer Pint Pots Jelly Sweets supplied in a Weigh out sweet bag.
Product Description;
Vidal Pint of Pots AKA Pint Pots Jelly Sweets - mild Beer Flavour Jellies.
Here we are selling a weigh out bag of Vidal Beer Pint Pots Jelly Sweets.
These Sweets are a soft to medium texture Gummy foam jelly, shaped into medium Pint pots shape novelty sweets which usually come in two toned dark Brown and White shade of colours.
Shades of colours may vary per batch.
These are a new version of the once classic original Beer Pint Pots which were made by Lamy Lutti until a factory fire in 2014 ceased the production and they were discontinued to be made - you can find several similar sweets but we think these are the best and closest to the original you will find available at this time of listing November 2015 - a mild Beer fruity flavour but have a nice taste and a good jelly texture so worth a try.
Product Spec/Guide;
These sweets are approx 5.5cm's long by 6cm's wide by 2.1cm's deep and weigh approx 8g - 10g per sweet with a average of 9g.
Packing/supplied Details;
usually packed in clear poly food bags.
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Dietary Information/manufactures claims;
Not suitable for Vegetarians as they contain Gelatine
Ingredients in Vidal Pint of Beer Jelly Sweets: Correct at time of current listing stock/batch  (subject to slight change without notice.)
Glucose Syrup, Sugar, Corn Starch, Gelatine, Acids, Lactic Acid; Flavourings; Gelling Agent; Pectin's; Vegetable Oils (coconut , Palm Kernel); Glazing Agent: Carnauba wax, Beeswax, Colours E150a, E171.
Allergy Warnings/Advice
see ingredients
Storage / BB4 info/Details;
Keep in a dry and cool place away from sunlight or direct extremes of temperatures. 
BB4 dates are usually 8-18 months.
Made by Vidal Candies - Vidal Golosinas, A.A Avda. Gutirrez s/n. 30500, Molina de Segura, Murcia, Spain.
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