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Dobsons Cream Soda Kali Powder suitable for Vegetarians & Gluten free
Dobsons Cream Soda x 113g
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Dobsons Cream Soda Kali Powder suitable for Vegetarians & Gluten free Summary

Dobsons Cream Soda Kali Powder suitable for Vegetarians & Gluten free

113g (quarter of a pound) weigh out bag of Dobsons Original Cream Soda aka sherbet soda / soda Kali Sweets, this cream soda is made in the traditional sweet making way - a nice pink colour powder texture that's very creamy cream soda and tastes great (don't forget to order you lollies or black liquorice sticks to dip into your tasty bag of Dobson's cream soda.

  This cream soda made by Joesph Dobson and sons LTD Quality traditional Family Run confectionery manufacturers since 1850 - and the great news is that all there products including these very tasty cream soda are both Gluten Free and suitable for vegetarians.

Here we are selling 113g which is about an old quarter of a pound in weight of  these Original Dobsons cream soda (sweets).

ingredients in Joesph Dobson's cream soda (correct at time of listing Dec 10)

This cream soda is suitable for Vegetarians and is Gluten Free.

These Dobson's Cream Soda come straight from our Toffeeworld @ Allsorts4u Traditional Retro Sweet Shop Where we hand weigh sweets straight from our old fashion sweetie jars on to Trade approved Retail Scales from aquarterof to six ounces, Half a pound or even a full pound or two the choice is yours with our drop box upgrade option! Then carefully packed in to a clear Polly heat sealed air tight bag or a paper bag (depending on the sweets) and tightly packed and shipped fast to be delivered straight to your Home/Workplace/School Door! Toffeeworld really is the place to buy all your old fashion great classic retro sweeties and candy treats! 

Dobson's Cream soda is also available as weigh outs from 113g up to 908g.

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