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Bonfire Toffee Boiled Wrapped Sweets | Maxons Sweets
Maxons Wrapped Bonfire Toffee x 113g
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Bonfire Toffee Boiled Wrapped Sweets | Maxons Sweets Summary

Bonfire Toffee Boiled Wrapped Sweets | Maxons Sweets

Maxons Bonfire Toffee Wrapped Sweets Manufactured By Maxons Sweets in Sheffield England. 
Product Description;
These Sweets are a round shaped hard boiled treacle flavour Bonfire Toffee. 
Maxons has been making this smooth treacle flavoured boiled sweet for nearly 100 years. Maxons uses the finest techniques which date back to the 19th Century to produce the smooth taste of the Bonfire Toffee in one of the most traditional formats in the country.
Bonfire Toffee is a traditional product from the North of England made for Bonfire night on November 5th. It is a treacle hard boiled sweet rather than a toffee and great for sharing with your friends on a cold evening. Maxons now produce Bonfire Toffee all year round and have wrapped it to stop the pieces sticking together as they normally do in warmer weather conditions. It is still made to the same high standards as it always has been.
These sweets are usually a dark Brown shade of colour average-sized round hard boiled traditional made treacle flavour sweets
Product Spec;
These sweets are approx 2.4cm's long by 2cm's wide by 1.2cm's deep and weigh approx 7.5g-8.5g per sweet with an average of 8g giving you approx 12-15 sweets per 113g weigh out bag. - sizes/weights may vary per batch and per sweets, (approx size/weight guide only).
Dietary Information
see ingredients
Ingredients in Maxons Bonfire Toffee Boiled Sweets:
Sugar, glucose syrup, treacle, flavouring.
Allergy Warnings | Advice
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Nutrition information;
Additives Free From Artificial Colours, Free From Artificial Flavours
Energy Content 384 Kilojoules, Protein 0 grams total, Carbohydrate 99 grams sugar 99 grams, Total fat 0 grams, Saturated Fat 0 grams, Fiber 0 grams, Sodium 0 grams
Aditional Information;
Toffeeworld | Toffee Heaven Ltd Cannot Guarantee The Accuracy Of These Ingredients.
Storage | BB4 Details;
Keep in a dry and cool place away from sunlight and extremes of temperatures.
May become softer, sticky during warm weather conditions.
Colours, shapes, sizes, flavours, Wrappers may vary per batch.
BB4 dates
usually 3-9 months

Made by Maxons Sweets, Bradbury Street, Sheffield, England, S89 QQ, UK
Packaging Description
Sold by weight from our sweet shop jar into sealed clear plastic shop sealed weigh out bags to your selected weight.
Orders usually shipped within 1-3 working Days via 1-3 day Delivery Service.
Delivery usually within 1-6 working days
Sweets Packed-Supplied By:
Packed and supplied from our Toffeeworld Traditional Sweets Shop @Toffee Heaven
Limited, Colwyn Bay, Conwy

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