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Mentos UP2U Strawberry & Fresh Mint Chewing Gums
Mentos UP2U Strawberry/Mint Gum x 2
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Mentos UP2U Strawberry & Fresh Mint Chewing Gums Summary

Mentos UP2U Strawberry & Fresh Mint Chewing Gums

Mentos UP2U Strawberry- Fresh Mint, Strawberry-Mint, x 2 Packs containing 14 Chewing Gums (7 Fresh Mint and 7 strawberry Sugar Free Chewing Gum Pieces in a handy pocket sized flip card pouch total weight 26g e

Strawberry and Fresh Mint! Fruits or freshness? You decide, depending on your taste. An intense strawberry flavour that leaves an unforgettable, sweet nuance in your mouth. Fresh Mint provides a fresh breath, that leaves a special fresh sensation with natural peppermint flavour. A remarkable mint flavour that stays for a long time.

The sensation of two different flavours in only one pack! UP2U from Mentos entices with a hinged down package which small format is particularly suitable to take with you everywhere. They do not contain sugar, therefore, they are particularly good for the teeth. For all chewing gum fans that want to experiment a change in flavour and would like to have both in only one pack. The new Up2U are ideal, as they have two flavours in only one pack.

Animal ingredients (real carmine, gelatin), lactose, gluten and alcohol free
Content: 12 packs of 14 chewing gums
Chewing gum, xylitol, sorbitol, erythritol, stabilizerglycerol, mannitol, flavourings, maltitol syrup, acids (apple, citric and tartaric acid), sweeteners aspartame, acesulfame-K, sucralose, arabic gum, colours (titanium dioxide, real carmine), emulsifier (soy lecithin, sucrose esters of fatty acids), vegetable oil, beef gelatin, antioxidant E320.

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