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Taveners Fruit Jellies Soft Jelly Sweets x 3kg
Taverners Fruit Jellies x 3kg
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Taveners Fruit Jellies Soft Jelly Sweets x 3kg Summary

Taveners Fruit Jellies Soft Jelly Sweets x 3kg

Taveners Fruit Jellies Soft Jelly Sweets x 3kg
3kg full factory sealed wholesale sack or weigh out bag/s of  Taveners Proper Sweets Fruit Jellies - These sweets may come in weigh out bags 1kg x 3 or a full 3kg sack subject to current stock and packing.

Taveners Proper Sweets Fruit Jellies sweets are a soft and squigy fruity flavour traditional  jelly sugar coated sweets , a real retro family favourite, they come in a assortment of very tasty fruity flavours which may include orange, lemon, lime, raspberry, blackberry flavours. 
Made by Taverners proper sweets range - quality sweet makers, making sweets in the traditional way.

Allergen: Taveners fruit jellies are Gluten Free
Colours & Flavours:  Taverners fruit jellies  contains only Natural Colours and Flavours

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup, Water, Gelling Agent: Pectin; Lactic Acid, Natural Colours: Anthocyanins, Chloropyll, Curcumin, Capsanthin; Natural Flavourings.

Allergen Information:  Gluten Free

Natural Colours:  This product contains only Natural Colours and Flavours

Other Claims:  Fat free, Suitable for vegetarians

We are selling these Taverners fruit jellies sweets just like you bought them in the good old days - straight from our very own traditional sweet shop in Colwyn Bay, North Wales - Where our shelves are packed with over 1000 sweet jars and from the sweetie jar hand weighed on approved scales into a paper and film sweet bag and packed and shipped out fast straight to your door.

Please note that this item like all our wholesale products may be subject to a delivery dispatch of up to 14 working days - please contact before you place your order on this product if you would like to have the delivery shipment date confirmed.

All sweets sent within their BB4 Dates - if  dates may be a issue please message us to check current stock or we will sent the best dated we have in stock at time or your order.
please also note that BB4 Dates are only a approx guide and most sweets will still taste just the same several months passed a bb4 date.

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