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Rainbow Sherbet Crystals Assorted Fruity Sherbet
Rainbow Sherbet Crystals x 113g bag
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Rainbow Sherbet Crystals Assorted Fruity Sherbet Summary

Rainbow Sherbet Crystals Assorted Fruity Sherbet

Rainbow Sherbet CRYSTALS AKA SHERBET AKA Sherbet KALI, A TRUE RETRO CLASSIC - We all had from the corner sweet shop , a bag of assorted mixed fruity sherbet crystals and a stick of liquorice or a lollypop, those were the days !
well relive those happy memories and order yourself a bag today, don't forget you liquorice or lollies to dip into you Kali !
We are selling these sweets just like you got them in the good old days, - from our very own candy store sweet shelfs, from the sweet jar and hand weighed on trade approved sweet shop scales then into a clear poly heat sealed plastic bag and or a traditional sweet shop style paper bag - and you get a 113g bag that's about a good old fashion quarter of a pound in weight for those of you than can still remember those good old days ! 
All our sweets are sold with very long bb4 dates , in most cases 3 - 6 months.
for larger amounts of these sweets see our store or send us a message and we will list some for you to buy .
we are here to help !
thank you for looking at our products.
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