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Halal - We have included some useful links at the bottom of this page about Halal / Halal Diet and Foods.
 Our Halal Approved range is manufactured by Tangerine Confectionery

What is Halal?

HALAL is an Arabic term which means permissible or lawful in Islam. In reference to food, it is also the Islamic dietary standard, as prescribed in the Shari’ah (Islamic Law).

 see our halal approved sweets category on our home page - full selection in stock and many more coming very soon to our web store.
expected completion of our full range of halal approved sweets is early November - December   2009, please call our sales team in the meantime for any assistance.
Halal Confectionery

Tangerine Confectionery aims to gain Halal approval on as many confectionery lines as possible. All of there manufacturing facilities have been audited and approved for producing Halal products.

Tangerine Halal products have been approved by the Halal Food Authority (HFA).To find out more information, please visit the HFA website:   

Why Halal?

The Tangerine company aims to provide confectionery products that can be enjoyed by as many consumers as possible. Halal approval  not only provides assurance for customers who follow Islamic religion but also for customers who are looking for products that are certified for the quality of their ingredients and the hygienic environment in which they are produced.
Toffeeworld stocks all the range of sweets made by the Tangerine company which includes there full range of halal approved  sweets, see our Halal approved sweet section on our home page and watch out for more halal approved sweets coming soon.
PLEASE NOTE Toffeeworld @ allsorts4u is a retailer of sweets and The Tangerine Company is one of the many manufacturers of quality traditional proper sweets we deal with for our retail products.