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Assorted Mint Sweets - Assortment of Retro Mixed Mints
Assorted Mint Sweets x 113g Weigh out Bag
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Assorted Mint Sweets - Assortment of Retro Mixed Mints Summary

Assorted Mint Sweets - Assortment of Retro Mixed Mints

Assorted Mint Sweets - This is an assortment of mostly mint boiled Individually wrapped traditional sweets and which may also include Spearmint chews and or other Mint confectionery such as peppermint Creams, Mint Fondants, Clarnico Mint Creams, Mint Toffee, the Boiled sweets usually includes classics such as Everton Mints, Murray Mints, Buttermints, Mint Humbugs, Crystal Mints, chopped mint Rock pieces, Old English Mints, Best English Mints, Mintoes, Clear Mints, Foxs Mints and others. The boiled sweets are from a variety of the most popular Traditional sweet brands, we can not confirm an even amount of any of the Mint sweets or brands but all are usually available separately from our store range.
A Shop Sealed Weigh Out Bag of Mint Sweets supplied in a clear plastic poly bag. (No jars are supplied only come in weighing out bags)
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Ingredients in Mint Mix Assortment
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Storage | BB4 info/Details;
Keep in a dry and cool place away from sunlight. - if keeping more than a few days best to transfer them into a sealed food container plastic jar/tub/sweet jar and keep away from direct sunlight or heat.
BB4 dates are usually 2-6 months on this product
These Sweets are manufactured by a variety of brands please see description for more Info.
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All Sweets Sold Online from this Toffee Heaven Retro Sweets Store are
packed and supplied from our Toffeeworld Traditional Sweets Shop
@Toffee Heaven Limited, Colwyn Bay, Conwy
ToffeeWorld | Toffee Heaven Ltd Cannot Guarantee The Accuracy Of These Ingredients, Dietary & Nutritional information provided.
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