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Reese's Pieces 113g Box American Candy
Reeses Pieces Box 113g Box BB4 03/19
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Reese's Pieces 113g Box American Candy Summary

Reese's Pieces 113g Box American Candy

Reese's Pieces 113g Box American Candy
Reese's Pieces are small crispy candies surrounding a peanut butter centre - think M&M's but with peanut butter instead of chocolate! 
You may remember this candy from one of the earliest examples of mainstream product placement in Hollywood movies. Reese's Pieces were used in E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial - they were spread along the ground as a lure. And what a delicious lure!
Imported from the USA.

Ingredients in Reese's Pieces

Sugar; Partially Defatted Peanuts; Partially Hydrogenated Vegetable Oil (Palm Kernel And Soybean Oil); Corn Syrup; Dextrose; Tartrazine (E102) * Lake; Allura Red (E129) * Lake; Sunset Yellow (E110) * Lake; Brilliant Blue (E133) * (E133) * Lake; Salt; Resinous Glaze; Soy Lecithin; Modified Cornstarch; Carnauba Wax; Vanillin, Artificial Flavor; Milk.
warning May Have An Adverse Effect On Activity And Attention In Children.
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Best Before 03/2019
These Hersheys Reese's Pieces are Manufactured by The Hershey Company, PA U.S.A. 
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