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Brays Sweets, Manufactured in Newport, Wales and available online at Allsorts4u Retro Sweet Shop!
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Coconut Toasties | Brays Sweets
Brays Coconut Toasties - Soft chewy coconut Confection Sweet which is a new edition Coconut sweet similar to the old fashioned Taveners Coconut Teacakes Description Clear plastic Poly Shop Sealed Weigh...
Brays Mentholyptus XTRA Extra Strong Welsh Sweets
Brays Mentholyptus Xtra Strong Welsh Sweets - Wrapped Hard Boiled Traditional Menthol Sweets with a extra strong Eucalyptus Flavour - Select required weight/bag Manufactured by The Welsh Sweet Company...
Assorted Selection of Sugar Free Toffees,Chews & Boiled Sweets
Quarter of a pound (113g) Sugar Free Toffees, Chews, Eclairs and Boiled Sweets Random assortment Here we are Selling a Variety of Different Sugar Free Sweets. These are made up of a random assorted mixture...
Tilleys Cinnamon Balls
Tilleys Cinnamon Balls Hard Boiled Sweets 113g (quarter of a pound) weigh out bag of Cinnamon Balls Hard Boiled Sweets T hese Cinnamon Balls Hard Boiled Sweets are made in the traditional sweet making...