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Brays Sweets, Manufactured in Newport, Wales and available online at Allsorts4u Retro Sweet Shop!
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Coconut Toasties | Brays Sweets
Brays Coconut Toasties - Soft chewy coconut Confection Sweet which is a new edition Coconut sweet similar to the old fashioned Taveners Coconut Teacakes Description Clear plastic Poly Shop Sealed Weigh...
Brays Mentholyptus XTRA Extra Strong | Welsh Sweets
Brays Mentholyptus Xtra Strong Welsh Sweets - Wrapped Hard Boiled Traditional Menthol Sweets with an extra strong Eucalyptus Flavour. Manufactured by The Welsh Sweet Company part of Brays Sweets Ltd, Newport,...
Assorted Selection of Sugar Free Toffees,Chews & Boiled Sweets
Quarter of a pound (113g) Sugar Free Toffees, Chews, Eclairs and Boiled Sweets Random assortment Here we are Selling a Variety of Different Sugar Free Sweets. These are made up of a random assorted mixture...
Tilleys Cinnamon Balls
Tilleys Cinnamon Balls Hard Boiled Sweets 113g (quarter of a pound) weigh out bag of Cinnamon Balls Hard Boiled Sweets T hese Cinnamon Balls Hard Boiled Sweets are made in the traditional sweet making...