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ToffeeWorld supplies Sweets and Treats for almost all your special Dietary needs including our product range includes Sweets and Treats which are Gluten Free, Vegetarian Suitable, Halal Suitable, Vegan Suitable, Low-Sugar Products and Low Fat and Fat Free, No added Sugar and Sugar-Free Diabetic Products.
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Beechs Dark Chocolate Coated Ginger Creams Misshapes
Beechs Ginger Creams misshapes - Unwrapped Chocolates Ginger Creams Coated in Dark Chocolate made by Beech's Fine Chocolates in Preston, England, U.K Ginger Flavoured Fondant Centres Coated in Beech's...
Beechs Dark Chocolate Brazil Nuts Misshapes
Beech's Dark Chocolate Brazil Nuts - Unwrapped Luxury Dark Chocolate Brazil's x weigh out bag Brazil Nuts Coated in Dark Chocolate produced by Beech's Fine Chocolates in Preston, England, U.K Description;...