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Dew Drops Fruity Hard Gums | Victoria Sweets
Victoria Dew Drops - An Random Assortment of fruit flavour small hard gums with a sugar coating. The traditional British sweet usually found in dolly mixtures. This version is a medium to hard texture...
Victoria Assorted Toffees | Glisten Toffee Sweets
Victoria Assorted Toffees made in the UK by Glisten Sweets A fine assortment of individually wrapped toffees. A random not equal mixture of Toffee sweets which may include Mint, Devon Dairy Toffee, Liquorice...
Kingsway Spearmint Chews Chewy Mint Sweets
Kingsway Spearmint Chews Mint Sweets- spearmint Flavoured chewy Retro Sweets - wrapped Spearmint chews Manufactured for kingsway sweets - Buy a 113g Weigh Out Bag or upgrade to larger weight with our Drop...
Victoria Dew Drops Assorted Fruit Flavour Gums
The old classic DEW DROPS ! - An Assortment of Fruit Flavour Gums - Small jelly gummy fruity sweet with a sugar coating. Traditional British Made sweets Victoria Brand Made by Glisten Confectionery, Blackburn,...