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Gray's Herbal Candy | Winter Cough Candy | Grays Sweets
Grays Herbal Candy - Traditional sugary, herbal flavoured fondant pieces. Also known as Winter Cough Candy - Great for coughs and colds. Random size pieces of tablet hand cut Herbal Candy which may contain...
Grays Tea Cakes Retro Coconut Toffee Sweets
Grays Tea Cakes - Coconut Chewy Toffee Sweets x weigh out bag (select weight Required) Supplied by Edward Gray of Dudley. These Grays Tea Cakes are a very old fashioned retro Sweet and are a real blast...
Grays Herbal Tablets
Grays Herbal Tablets Here we are selling a quarter of a pound (113g) of Grays Herbal Tablets. These are 'The Working Man's friend for Cold Nights and Mornings.' These Sweets are great for the winter Season...