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Lonka Sour Lemon Soft Chewy Bonbons Sweets
Lonka Sour Lemon Chewy Bonbons Sweets - A Yellow Sour Lemon Chewy Bon Bon made by Lonka Sweets. Manufacturer's product Description - "Soft Lemon Bonbons with a sour powder filling wrapped in a layer of...
Lonka Almond Nougat Traditional Retro Sweets
113g (quarter of a pound) weigh out bag of Lonka Almond Nougat Big chunks of really tasty nougat with almonds. These almost square chunks/lumps of tasty firm texture White colour Nougat with Almonds weigh...
Lonka Chocolate Fudge Crunch Sweets
Lonka Fudge Crunch aka Triple chocolate fudge x weigh out bag These Lonka Fudge Crunch sweets are made in the traditional sweet making way - a very soft texture cluster of creamy chocolate fudge with pieces...
Duo Fudge Chocolate & Vanilla Lonka Sweets
Duo Fudge Chocolate & Vanilla (quarter of a pound) weigh out bag of 113g quarter of a pound weigh out bag of DUO CHOCOLATE & VANILLA FUDGE - A really smooth creamy firm texture of a great combination of...