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A selection of Traditional Small / Tiny Boiled Sweets known as PIPS.
Allergen Information for loose foods - new regulations December 2014.
Food allergies and intolerance's - before ordering please check our product listing description under our Allergy Advice section for full details when this is not available please contact us and we will update the listing and provide you with all the current manufactures product information on any Allergies and Intolerance's.
We do not provide info on the sweets packaging unless you request this in advance and we will always provide this service but due to the time involved to produce the info/labels it may delay the shipping dispatch of your order by a day or two and possibly a little longer during busy periods.
For more info on this please email us.
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Jelly Belly Jewel Collection Jelly Beans
Jelly Belly Jewel Collection Jelly Beans x weigh out bag Gorgeous shimmering beans in a seven flavour mix: Berry, Blueberry, Bubble Gum, Cream Soda, Orange, Sour Apple, Very Cherry Shades of Colours and...
Dobsons Fruit Pips Gluten & Gelatine Free Sweets
Dobsons Fruit pips - Tiny Assorted Fruity Flavour Boiled sweets made in the U.K By Joseph Dobson & Sons Ltd , England. Product Description; Dobsons Fruit Pips Here we are selling a Clear poly sealed weigh...
Dobsons Sherbet Pips Gluten and Gelatine Free Sweets
Dobsons Sherbet Pips - Tiny Sherbet fruity Flavour Boiled sweets with Sherbet centres made in the U.K By Joseph Dobson & Sons Ltd, Yorkshire,England. Product Description; Dobsons Sherbet Pips a real retro...
Dobsons Cola Pips Gluten Free Sweets
Dobsons Cola Pips x 113g (quarter of a pound) weigh out bag (Sweets Come in a Clear Poly Plastic Bag) - Or select larger weigh outs with our upgrade drop box option. Please Read our product listing in...