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Sugar Free Boiled & Toffee Assortment mixed Sweets
Sugar Free Boiled & Toffee mix 113g
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Sugar Free Boiled & Toffee Assortment mixed Sweets Summary

Sugar Free Boiled & Toffee Assortment mixed Sweets

113g a quarter of a pound Weigh out bag of Sugar Free Boiled & Toffee Assortment mixed Sweets.

 Sugar Free Boiled & Toffee Assortment - Please read listing in full for all info.
 weigh out bag  - choose your weigh out bag weight option with our drop box selection.
Description for  Sugar Free Boiled & Toffee Assortment.
These sweets are another New edition to our ever growing huge range of Sugar Free traditional Hard Boiled Traditional sweets plus selection of popular Toffees and eclair and mints.
A slightly smaller than average/standard sized traditional sweets which comes in a random mix up of colours and flavours which may include classic traditional sweets such as sherbet lemons, mint Humbugs, Everton Mints, Choc Limes, Fruit Drops, Pear Drops, Rhubarb and Custard, Sherbet Strawberries, Strawberry and Cream, Mintoes, blackcurrant & Liquorice, Butter drops, Choc Mints and added to this mix is some popular Toffees in a medium-med hard texture and may include Liquorice Toffee, Spearmint Chews, Peppermint Toffee, Rum & Butter Toffee, Devon Toffee and eclair toffee. and other flavours of Toffees and/or Boiled Sweets. - it really is a random mix and the more the weight you buy means the bigger and better the mix will be.
These are all hard boiled sweets made in the traditional way but without the sugar! -  These very tasty sweets come individually wrapped for that added freshness in a random coloured twist wrapped cellophane and paper waxed wrappers.
These are great random mixed flavours so should be plenty to try- just the sweet for all you sugar free sweet lovers and those that need to lower the sugar intake such as Diabetics. - Another great traditional retro sweet suitable for most Diabetics -
Wrappers style/colours and Sweets shape/size/colour/texture/taste may vary per batch
Sweet product info
average weight per sweet is 5-8g with the average sweet weight of approx 6g-7g giving you approx 28-34 sweets per 227g (Half a pound weigh out bag)

Excessive consumption may cause a laxative effect it is strongly recommended you only consume a small number of any sugar free sweets over a short period.

Full range of Sugar free Sweets in Store! plus many more sugar free sweets in-fact We probably stock the biggest selection of sugar free sweets available for retail sale. with well over 500 varieties!

Ingredients in Sugar Free Boiled & Toffee Assortment - GUIDE ONLY As its a mix will differ per sweet type/flavour - correct at time of listing December 2013 and subject to change without notice.
Sweeteners: Isomalt Citric Acid, Flavourings, Colours, Sweetener, Acesulfame K.
 Bicarb in sherbet based sweets.
Allergy notice & Warnings;
Excessive consumption may cause a laxative effect.
NOT SUITABLE FOR Children under 3 years of age and take care with quantities given to children aged over 3 years of age. - Contains Naturally occurring Sugars.
Store in a cool dry place.
BB4 Dates usually very long 4-12 months if not longer -
High turnaround on most weigh outs.

Here We are selling these sweets just like you bought traditional sweets in the good ole days! straight from a proper traditional old fashion retro sweet and candy store - down comes the sweetie jar from our packed shelves of hundreds of full sweet jars then hand weighed on approved trade scales from a quarter of a pound in weight to which ever upgrade you decide to choose from our upgrade drop box selection shown on this page - Six ounce, Half a pound or even a full pound or two the choice really is yours!
Then we carefully pack your sweets in to a clear heat sealed poly plastic bag or a paper/film sweet bag and pack and ship to your door!

Please note this listing is for a weigh out bag from the sweet jar and the wholesale sweet jar is NOT included - see our wholesale section for details or to purchase a full jar of these sweets of contact us for info or/and a link.

Distributed/supplied By Stockleys's , Royale and Thornes Sweets Made in England
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