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Royale Sugar Free Cough Candy Boiled Sweets
Royale Sugar Free Cough Candy x 113g Bag
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Royale Sugar Free Cough Candy Boiled Sweets Summary

Royale Sugar Free Cough Candy Boiled Sweets

Royale Sugar Free Cough Candy Sweets  x Weigh out bag (Select Weight Required)
Supplied by Royale Traditional Handmade British Sweets made in England. 
Full Product Description As provided By the Sweet Manufacturer's; 
Royale Sugar Free Cough Candy  Sweets
Cough Candy Herbal Flavour Orange in colour wrapped hard boiled Sweets
Our Product Description/Advice/guide
These Sweets are a Herbal Flavour Hard Boiled Sweets which are a oval shaped and comes individually wrapped in a clear cellophane twist style wrapper usually with Green colour brand name/logo on them.
A smooth texture and pleasant tasty herbal flavour sweet.
The great news is that these cough candy Flavour Hard Boiled Sweets are Sugar free and suitable for most diabetics - Sugar free sweets should always be consumed in small amounts at a time.
Product Advice Notes
Product/Sweets shape/size/colour/style/packaging/wrappers/flavours/texture/taste may vary per batch - image/s shown will vary from ones shown depending on your viewing device/equipment and settings/ viewing programmes used etc- images colours can vary in shade/bright to dark/dull as images can be overexposed underexposed when taken and or displayed on different devices/equipment.
Product Colour/Shades
Orange shade of colour sweets - colour/shades may vary subject to manufacturer's batch/stock.
Product Spec;
These sweets are approx 3cms long by 1.9cm wide by 1.1cm deep and weigh approx 8g-10g per sweet with a
average of 9g giving you approx 11-13 sweets per 113g weigh out bag. - sizes/weights may vary per batch and per sweets, (approx size/weight guide only). weigh includes wrappers.
Purchase Weight
We sell these Sweets in Weigh out bags usually starting from small 113g or 200g bags and have a upgrade drop box option to upgrade to larger sized weigh out bags - All sweets come in Clear Poly and/or Paper Sweet/Food Bags which are packed and sealed to order- Best value when you upgrade to larger amounts or buy several products at same time.
Dietary Information Manufactures claims;
Sugar free sweets
Ingredients in: Royale Sugar Free Cough Candy Sweets
(Correct at time of listing September 2014 but subject to slight change without notice.)
Sweetener: Isomalt, Flavouring, Citric Acid, Colour: Paprika Extract,  ACESULFAME K.
Allergy Warnings/Advice
Excessive consumption may produce laxative effects - not suitable for children under 3 years of age - Contains Naturally occurring Sugars
Nutrition info/guide
not provided by the manufactures at time of listing.

None provided by manufacture at time of batch/stock/listing date.
Storage & Product BB4 info/Details;
Keep in a dry and cool place away from sunlight. - if keeping more than a few days best to transfer them in to a sealed food container plastic jar/tub/sweet jar and keep away from direct sunlight or heat.
BB4 dates are usually 6-12e months on this product and as BB4 Dates are only a manufactures estimated approx guide as to when they deem the quality of the sweets/product to be still at its very best, in most cases if stored correctly they will keep/taste great several months after the product best before dates.
Manufacturer Details;
Manufactured in the U.K For Royale Sweets, England
Packing/supplied/Delivery Details;
We are selling these Sweets just like you bought them in the good old days - straight from our very own traditional old fashion sweet shop, - Where our shelves are packed with over 1000 sweet jars & Sweet Tubs and from the sweetie jar/Tub hand weighed on approved Trade scales to the weight of your choice - then into a clear poly heat sealed food/sweet bag and then a paper or paper and film bag. - PLEASE NOTE - These sweets are Not supplied in any original packaging such as wholesale sweet jar/box/tub/container etc.
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